Thursday, August 20, 2009

Because I don't indulge in wedding talk enough!

I've been thinking lately that I don't write about my wedding nearly as often as I should. When I visit other blogs and discover that the owner is engaged or has recently wed, my frenetic searching for wedding content is something to behold. My eyes glaze over, I hunch over the keyboard and begin delving into archives for anything about flowers, dresses, invitations....basically, anything to quench my relentless thirst for wedding inspiration. I want to be inspired but I don't want to outright steal other people's ideas! I think what makes weddings really fascinating is all of the personal touches from the bride and groom. I would love to make the entire thing DIY, but one has to work....and do other things in life besides cut out stamps and obsess over fonts. Although my wedding planning will span over a year, in the big picture of life, it's ephemeral. I'm trying to relish every minute of it and read as many wedding magazines as I can while they're still relevant to my life.

My penchant for organization and planning has made this process, thus far, a pleasure. My friends and family know that a week after being engaged, I had already created a wedding book to store vendor info and collect inspirational pictures. It may surprise you (and even my friends and family) to know that I never grew up dreaming about my wedding day. I've had people say things like, "well you must already have the whole thing planned in your head!", but the truth is, I hadn't spent nights dreaming about my table linens or even the cut of my dress. I really had no clue what I wanted! However, now, after immersing myself in wedding mania for the past few months, I know what my dream wedding is...but that's not always realistic! Enough talk though...check out some of my wedding fantasies....some that will make an appearance on the big day, and some that will be forever trapped in my head and subsequently pushed on my daughter when she gets married!

Simple chandeliers

Things in threes

A fusion of whimsy and elegance

DIY save-the-dates

Vermeer calla lilies

Stunning yet subtle makeup

The amazing photography of Gucio

Too many gowns to choose from!


  1. CONGRATS on the wedding planning!!

    You mention reading as many wedding magazines as you can while it pertains to your life... well, I LOVE reading about wedding plans, and we tied the knot two years ago!

    So keep writing about your details. There are so many FABULOUS ideas out there! And all-in-all, my day may not have been perfect, but my husband and I look back and wouldn't change a thing!

    It's going to be WONDERFUL!!

  2. Thank you so much!! And you're right...I'm totally going to read wedding magazines after I'm married. They're actually really good for general decor too, you can find tons of neat ideas.

  3. You should write about the wedding more often! I love wedding details (I used to have a wedding column). What do you have planned so far? Is there a theme? Colors? Spill it woman!


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