Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The wedding factory

Sunday afternoon was spent finalizing the guest list and prepping our save the dates. I had to type out every single address and print them onto the envelopes one by one....by one....by one.....it was tedious and nearly drove me insane. Almost as tedious as cutting out, by hand, 90 stamps, 90 return address stickers and 90 save the date cards. Don't even get me started on the numerous paper cutter debacles or the issues with placing a finicky jpeg into an avery return address template, or the non-functionality of a mail merge using custom sized envelopes, OR the anger that can be brought on by a printer that just DOES NOT want to print things centered like they should be! Don't get me started!!! I bitch and complain, but I still love it.

I was considering asking my bridesmaids over one night this week so we could tag-team this save the date project, but I didn't want their first big bridesmaid task to be so lame! And unfortunately, these are not tasks that can be completed after consuming the requisite 5 glasses of wine involved in bridesmaid get-togethers. I'm still not done; we have yet to gather up every last address and I have about 30 more save the date cards to cut out. But here's a peek:


  1. Those are great!I'm hoping to send my Save the Dates out within the next two weeks.

  2. Wow! a "Save the Date" and then formal invitations to follow! Very elaborate! Where is the groom in all this?

    [Cheeky grin]

  3. Uber cute! Let me guess. Groom still saving the world one zombie at a time?

  4. Thanks guys! Luc did a great job supervising the whole thing...from the comfort of the couch! No, I have to give him some credit; he typed up his entire side of the guest list and set up the printer and custom sized envelope setting. Actually, he even helped cut out a bunch of the circular stamps, which is NOT FUN!!!

  5. Awe, thanks for the attempt at saving our sanity by not asking us over... but let's be honest, I could keep it down to only TWO glasses of vino. Maybe?


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