Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dressing like we're 18 again

My weekend started with a bout of embarrassment, which involved me, running, arms full of bags, hollering jubilantly on a busy downtown street, only to discover that I'm prancing with excitement toward the wrong car. The wrong car, full of the wrong people. Whoops! There was really no way to play that one cool, so I just stopped mid-prance, looked down at the pavement and shuffled back to where I had been standing 10 seconds earlier. When my friends rolled up (for real this time), I was timid at first, and only began to bounce up and down when I recognized that it was the right faces in the right vehicle this time. Success. The bride-to-be had been away in Boston for too many months, and seeing her, combined with my other two awesome girlfriends, on top of my second-to-last Friday at my job sent me into a state of euphoria. The only thing that could have pushed me over the edge, was if I got into the vehicle and the entire trunk was filled with chocolate and candy. Oh wait...IT WAS! Literally...boxes upon boxes. One of my friends works as a sales rep, and that is why our fifth passenger was a mountain of chocolates and candies. MOUNTAIN.

So with sugar rushing through our veins, the four of us headed to Whistler for a stagette weekend full of jello shooters, mini-skirts, late-night lasagna and inappropriate tank-tops. I promised that I would post pictures of our stagette tops, so without further ado, do not recoil in horror as I unveil what we wore out to the bar that night.

We got a lot of compliments on our tops and maybe even a few unwanted bum pinches due to the skirts. I say "unwanted" because my fiance reads this, but come on, who doesn't like a good bum pinch? Who doesn't? ME!! Seriously...bum pinching and wrist grabbing. Are men devolving or was there a particularly lame crowd out that night? What's grabbed my wrist as I was walking by, we should like, totally hook up. Some people are rolling their eyes thinking, "well, you wore a tiny, tight top and a mini-skirt, you have to expect it." And yes, I did, but I expected more creativity, but what we got was flat out caveman pickup moves. Me like girl. Me grab girl. Girl no like? No understand...try other girl now. Yeah....that about sums it up. Despite the silly boys on the sideline, we managed to have a great time. We even went ATV-ing in the mountains the next afternoon, but that's a story of its own, and you'll know why when I tell it!


  1. Those shirts are hysterical!!! Love them!

  2. Thanks! When I picked them up from the shirt pressing store the guy was laughing so hard...of course the first one he pulled out the bag was me, drunk on the floor, eating a pita in my underwear!! The bride loved them so that made us really happy.


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