Thursday, August 13, 2009

Making little decisions that lead to an unhealthier lifestyle

I used to drink green tea every morning but I've recently returned to drinking coffee. In university I drank a lot of coffee every day....a lot....every day....I got a few free cups each week from filling so many of those stamp cards. I fell asleep in class with my eyes open on several occasions. It's a delicate balance between utter exhaustion and extreme levels of coffee consumption to cause one to sleep with his or her eyes open. However, my coffee drinking motivation was never really due to its wakefulness factor, I just like the way it tastes. Most people say that I remind them a lot of my Dad (I'm going somewhere with this), and I'm discovering this more and more as time goes on. My Dad once told me that he goes to sleep each night excited about his cup of coffee the next morning. He falls asleep in gleeful anticipation, dreaming about a hot cup of delicious coffee to start his day. I do the same thing; now that I'm back on coffee, I fall asleep each night thinking about whether I'm going to use 2% milk or maybe coffee cream, try the hazelnut vanilla or stick with Colombian and generally just thinking about how much I enjoy sitting down and drinking a cup of coffee.

My office has a gym on the second floor, which I used to go to daily on my lunch break. I know that some people read at the gym - they work away on the elliptical and simultaneously, with ease, read medical text books and novels and plays and magazines...I'm not that person. If I'm working out, I need to just work out. Reading is a non-option when I'm bouncing up and down and beads of sweat are rolling down my face. When I skip the gym on my lunch break I end up finding a quiet spot to read - and so, I have been skipping the gym every day and have found multiple quiet spots and have read multiple books. It's kind of like my last hurrah before school starts, since when it does, I won't have much time to read my own books, just assigned readings. Yup, things are getting wild and crazy around here. Damn the gym, I'm going to read! I choose literature over rock hard abs!


  1. I was doing so well with my workout schedule until this class came along. I'm so busy, I don't even have time to sit down and eat something let alone work out. Luckily, I think the first issue cancels the second one out. :)

  2. Things are balancing out nicely then for you. But I guess not having time to eat is never fun!!


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