Sunday, May 31, 2009

Adventures in Penticton with my fiancéeeeeee

After watching Luc wrestle with our unruly bike rack for about 20 minutes, we finally took off on the four hour journey to Penticton...which was more like five because we had an extended lunch at White Spot where we filled up on chubby chicken and counted how many guys came in wearing super cool wife beaters. The drive was scenic and enjoyable until we were nearly run off the road (right onto the shoulder with one tire in a precarious balance at the edge of a ditch) by a semi-truck driver. This sounds pretty dramatic, but we were going about 2 km/hr and he didn't want to let us merge douche bag move, but we didn't want to risk death so we let the a-hole have his way and merged in behind him. The only other sad moment was when I realized that wearing my sunglasses for more than 3 hours at a time is painful to my head - but I managed to fix that problem.Monday afternoon was spent exploring and getting acquainted with our patio, which was wonderfully equipped with drinking stools (chairs), a big drink holder (table) and something to "oooh" and "aaah" at (mountain scenery) when those were the only sounds we could make anymore.Tuesday was absolutely the best, and for obvious reasons, the most memorable day of the week. Silly me, I thought the highlight of the trip was going to be seeing a peacock wandering around the streets in Naramata. Little did I know, there was plenty more excitement to come. I still find that bizarre though, that a big ol' peacock was strutting his stuff around a neighbourhood. Make no mistake, I have proof. I may have even chased him around a few houses trying to get him to spread his magnificent tail. Luc said they only spread their tail feathers for mating reasons, when they're attracted to a female, so I tousled my hair a bit and pulled down my shirt, but he clearly wasn't digging my cleavage because this was the best shot I managed to get.At most of the wineries we visited, we were usually the only ones in the wine tasting room. This was advantageous for us, because the wine experts would generally give us a larger pour so that we would be drinking longer and in turn, they could talk more. If anyone is ever doing a tour on the Naramata Bench, please, pleeaaaase, go to Red Rooster at make sure that David is doing your tasting. He's got the coolest moustache, wears his pants high enough that it's funny but not so high that it's hard to look at, and I have a sneaking suspicion his other job is doing voice-overs for over the top, animated children's shows. David has more facial expressions than Jim Carrey on speed. We didn't actually visit Red Rooster until Thursday though; Tuesday we stopped in at Kettle Valley, Therapy Vineyards, Elephant Island, Lake Breeze, and of course, the winery that I will always remember as the place that I said "yes", Soaring Eagle. I'm not too familiar with my readers yet, so I don't know if anyone is interested in hearing the whole engagement story, but if you guys are, leave comments here and I'll be sure to tell the full story. The gist: Luc got down on one knee with a beautiful diamond engagement ring, I cried, I said yes, I was the happiest woman in the world. We were going to wait until we got home to tell our friends and family, but we ended up calling pretty much everyone when we got back to the hotel room. By the time we had called everyone, we had worked our way through several more drinks, and I was literally dancing with joy. I was completely on top of the world, but I did get one comment that put me right over the edge. I was on the phone with one of my twin, three year old nieces, and she whispered into the phone, in the sweetest, smallest, most adorable little voice, "Auntie Kissten, yo goin to be a pin-cess."

For the rest of the week I was floating on a cloud. I got some advice from winery workers who noticed my ring, like the pleasant woman at Township 7 who advised me that if her 19-year old daughter can plan a wedding while going to school, AND sew all of the decorative vests for the groom and groomsmen (they got married at a Medieval Fair), then I should be able to plan a wedding for next September. I'm not sure though, because not only am I planning on sewing vests, but I would also like to sew medieval gowns and headgear for myself and all of my bridesmaids. So although I wrote another post about the back to reality blues after a vacation, I'm still in unbreakable spirits, and it's not the three glasses of wine I had with dinner.

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    But seriously... engagement or not, you've been at work for an hour now... I'm willing to bet you're right back to your sarcastic, crabby, wonderful self.

    But seriously...Congratulations and Wooooo! YOU ARE GREAT AT LIFE!


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