Sunday, May 24, 2009

Food Coma

This afternoon my friend Kate and I went for a decadent High Tea at the Secret Garden Tea Company. What seem like dainty little finger foods and delicate desserts are actually, collectively, enough food to render one immobile for the next eight hours of one's life. This is precisely why I waddled out of that place and dozed on my couch for two hours, not unlike a fat lazy cat napping carelessly in the sun. My next gastronomic adventure begins tomorrow morning when Luc and I leave for Penticton, where we will drown ourselves in wine and hopefully not in the hotel pool...assuming we can stay sober enough to put on our bathing suits. I'm looking forward to dining alfresco and riding our bikes from winery to winery, again, assuming we can remain sober enough to not fall off our bikes.

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