Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Wednesday has long been my favourite day of the work-week for a few reasons. First off, Monday is Monday; it's just the worst kind of day, the kind of day that says irritating things like, "ohhhh, omigod, you got a' you like it?" Mostly I just want to kick Monday in the balls.

Tuesday is no better than Monday because it's not like you can reminisce with things like, "man, I wish it were still yesterday so I could be sleeping in or drinking a latte in my underwear on the couch." Tuesday's yesterday is Monday, and we already know about Monday. Tuesday is just a boring day floating on the wrong side of Wednesday.

Thursday for most people is the, "yay it's Friday tomorrow" day, but for me, it's the day that Luc gets off work early, meaning I have to drive home alone. Buying a new, functioning stereo for the car has lessened the blow of my lonely commutes, but seeing the parking attendant's Cheeto smeared face doesn't compare to seeing Luc's handsome mug waiting for me after a long day.

Most people will probably say that Friday is their favourite day of the week, but that's not an option-- Friday is too obvious. It's the most glorious of all work days and everyone would choose Friday if they had the option, so they can't. I never really got the phrase TGIF until I got a full time job though. Now every Friday you can find me at 5:00pm, running around downtown Vancouver screaming it at the top of my lungs.

So Wednesday is my favourite day because it's the lesser of the evils, but it has some redeeming qualities that the others don't have. It's the halfway point, the day where you get home and say to yourself in disbelief, "it's Thursday tomorrow! It's nearly Friday! Already!" However, the most recent of reasons I hold Wednesdays so dear to my heart is because Lost and America's Next Top Model both air on Wednesday nights. I enjoy the juxtaposition of watching total trash reality television with girls that couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag followed by the complex, story telling genius of Lost. I like to adjust my viewing habits accordingly; during Top Model, my best friend, Kate, comes over and we make tea and sit cross legged in our workout gear, gossiping about what a psycho Tyra Banks is. For Lost, I usually throw on a cardigan, put on my glasses and pour a glass of wine to swirl like brandy while muttering things like, "yes, but of course, a time-space continuum."

Tonight is the season finale of Lost, but it's OK, my torrid love affair with Wednesday had to end some time. At least next week is a four day week - so it will almost be like Wednesday, dearest hump day, never existed at all.

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