Sunday, May 17, 2009


Spring finally peeked its head around the corner and came out to play. We've been catapulted into warmer weather over night and my flip-flips are finally receiving the attention they deserve. The cherry blossoms have wilted and been trampled into the sidewalk, but their pink glow has been replaced with the welcome shine of a warm, spring sun. The breeze that whips through my hair on bike rides no longer stings my cheeks and the night air that flows in through our open bedroom window doesn't make me retreat deep under the covers. The pompous purse dogs have shed their sweaters for modest vests and their owners are lining up for pedicures. Soon, the downtown lunch scene will shift to the patios, making the sidewalks a catwalk parade for single, working women. The coffees are iced and the wine is chilled. This isn't another sneak preview from mother nature; warmer weather has finally descended upon Vancouver and we couldn't be happier.

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