Tuesday, May 12, 2009


While working out at the gym this afternoon, I saw a woman walking on the treadmill with a furious look of determination on her face. This woman was probably about 5’5”, roughly 350 lbs. and she was hauling ass. I wanted to run up to her and scream “YAAA! HIGH-FIVE!”, but my better judgement stopped such a ridiculous impulse. I think she would have appreciated the encouragement though - I know that sometimes when I'm toiling away on the elliptical, on those days when my ipod gym mix isn't doing the job, I could use some pep. If someone came bouncing up to me, bubbling to the brim with boundless enthusiasm and screamed "YAAA! HIGH-FIVE!", I might just extend my arm, break out in a genuine smile and slap the shit out of that high-five. Obviously I would still go home and tell Luc about the lunatic running loose and slapping high-five with strangers at the gym, but in that moment it might just be the lift that I need.

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