Thursday, July 9, 2009

101 Things to Do in 1001 Days!

I present to you my list of 101 things that I intend to accomplish in the next 1001 days. Check out this site to make your own!

Start Date: July 10, 2009
Finish Date: April 6, 2012


1-Kiss Luc on the top of the Eiffel Tower
2-Check out “Antique Alley” in New Westminster
3-Go outlet shopping in the US
4-Go to a 2 or 3 day music festival
5-See a concert at the Gorge in Seattle
6-Visit Alcatraz
7-Ride a cable car in San Francisco
8-Visit an Art Gallery that I’ve never been to before

9-Get a scholarship to help pay for my Masters degree
10-Save $1000 more for school than I had planned by September 1st
11-Get my Masters of Publishing
12-Get my French speaking abilities to “so fluent I’m not nervous when talking to French people in French” (sober)
13-Get a job in Publishing

14-Buy a long, dangly necklace off
15-Get a cat or dog
16-Buy a home
17-Buy a pair of red shoes
18-Buy a Macbook

19-Buy Photoshop for my MacBook
20-Get invisalign to fix the bottom tooth that moved because I stopped wearing my retainer at night (whoops….)
21-Buy a vintage tea set
22-Buy a new camera

Dining & Cooking
23-Cook 5 recipes from Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”
24-Cook a steak dinner
25-Bake a delicious cheesecake
26-Order room service
27-Bake a batch of cookies and surprise a friend
28-Bake a pie
29-Have breakfast at the Wedgewood Hotel
30-Come up with 12 healthy “go to” dinner recipes (4/12)
31-Host a wine tasting party
32-Host a dinner party (at least 6 people)
33-Have my parents over for a well-cooked meal
34-Dine on the patio at the Vancouver Art Gallery
35-Celebrate something with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot

Reading, Writing & Watching
36-Watch an entire season of the British “Office”
37-Write a poem
38-Enter a writing contest
39-Write fan mail to Peter Mayle
40-Read 5 books in French (0/5)
41-Publish a book of my own work (photos, stories, anything!) on
42-Watch all the movies that won
"Best Picture" since I’ve been alive (17/25)
43-Mail in a secret to
Post Secret
44-Write the story of how Luc and I met
45-Keep a running list of all the books I’m reading
46-Draw someone’s portrait (however poorly it may turn out)
47-Read 100 books (8/100)
48-Write in to the Editorial column of a newspaper
49-Start writing a novel
50-Write 10 letters (via snail mail) (0/10)
51-Read 5 “classics” (0/5)

Physical Activities
52-Ride a rollercoaster with Luc
53-Play tennis with my cousin (and get my ass kicked)
54-Swim at the bottom of a waterfall
55-Hike into a glacier
56-Hike the Squamish Chief
57-Sleep under the stars
58-Go surfing in Tofino
59-Snowboard “Ruby Bowl” on Blackcomb Mountain
60-Ride my bike in the “Critical Mass” bike brigade in downtown Vancouver
61-Do the Grouse Grind
62-Golf on a real golf course (not a pitch and putt)

Other Activites
63-Paint my nails candy-apple red
64-Meet a bloggy blog friend
65-Post a video on YouTube
66-Do an engagement photo shoot with my friend taking the pictures
67-Participate in the
26 things project
68-Have a picnic at a park
69-Have a picnic at the beach
70-Participate in a book-giving chain letter
71-Sing a song at a karaoke bar and completely embarrass myself
72-Organize my entire iTunes
73-Watch a sunrise
74-Watch a sunset

75-Learn how to sew a button (that doesn’t fall off)
76-Get a good pair of sunglasses that I wear for more than 3 weeks
77-Get lasek eye surgery
78-Spend a day with my friend around the city taking photos
79-Do a hilarious group costume for Halloween

Things for Other People (mostly Luc, it seems!)
80-Take Luc to the spa for a massage
81-Give a homeless person a meal
82-Surprise Luc with a nice dinner out
83-Surprise Luc with a nice dinner in
84-Take Luc for tea at Secret Garden
85-Volunteer for something
86-Design and bake a birthday cake for a friend or family member

87-Donate blood


88-Invent a delicious martini
89-Floss every day for an entire month
90-Fit comfortably into my white dress pants
91-Make use of a “word of the day” calendar for a year
92-Be able to hold a head stand for over one minute without falling
93-Audition for a commercial
94-Do a 5-day cleanse
95-Go a week without eating chocolate or cheese
96-Do yoga every day for 2 full weeks
97-Learn a song on the guitar
98-Go an entire week without checking the stat counter on my blog
99-Get down to that magic (and secret) number on the scale
100-Finish an entire “cryptic crossword”
101-*Write a blog post for each item I complete on this list*


  1. Yay!You're playing too. I love your list. It's very practical, but it still shows your fun side. Looking forward to more posts - especially the ones involving cooking. Recipes please!

  2. I will definitely post recipes! Keep your eyes peeled for one later this week....


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