Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bet you didn't know this was possible

We've been living out of our suitcases since Saturday - we've already slept at 3 different houses and my frail body is having trouble adjusting to so many different pillows. Yesterday morning at breakfast I took a deep breath and threw out my neck and back - yes, you heard that correctly. I took a deep breath...and threw out my neck and back. Old ladies don't even do that. We're visiting with Luc's grandparents right now and his Nana is running circles around me. I feel...fragile. Last night when the family was sitting around chatting, I was reclined in the rocking chair with an ice pack saying things to Luc like, "dear...fetch me my wine, won't you?" We've got a volleyball tournament to play in this weekend back in his hometown so I'd better rest up and get my body functioning like a normal human being again. Despite my bizarre and embarrassing injury, vacation is wonderful. I still feel better than I do when I'm sitting at work.

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  1. I killed your fish.

    Ha ha. Just kidding.

    But really, the water is getting kinda nasty - any chance you could give me a brief how-to on cleaning the bowls? I'm starting to barf a little when I see them frolicking in their own filth (I can only imagine what they're feeling!).


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