Monday, July 13, 2009

#19: Keeping my eyes on the prize

19 - Buy Photoshop for my MacBook

It seems backward to be crossing this off my list before I even own a Mac, but I'm in the market for one, and Luc knows this, so for my birthday he bought me Photoshop! Right now I only have access to Photoshop on my work computer, so I'm excited about being able to use it ANYWHERE and at ANY TIME! Sitting on the toilet? Why not airbrush some zits and give Luc a cyclops eye? Eating cereal? The perfect time to work on next month's banner. Driving to work in the morning? It's wedding DIY time! Thank you Luc, you have created a Photoshop monster!


  1. oh lovely! What a good preemptive gift, and a thoughtful man! xo

  2. He definitely got brownie points for that one! One of my friends asked, "now that he's given you an engagement ring, the best gift ever, what could possibly top that?" My response: Photoshop!!


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