Thursday, July 23, 2009

2 sleeps 'til Christmas!

...or at least it feels like it. Saturday morning Luc and I have a flight to Saskatchewan and we're spending the following 10 days there visiting with friends and family. We have a week off work and we're using it to lounge around in the prairies, eating, drinking and hanging out with people we love. That, to me, is like Christmas. And you're probably thinking - no, what about Santa? What about presents? Well, Luc's mom makes loads of cinnamon buns and brews the best coffee I've ever tasted....that is a gift; eating cinnamon buns for breakfast EVERY MORNING for me is like unwrapping a shiny red bike....and washing them down with a magic brew of half decaf/half hazelnut coffee is the big ribbon the bike is wrapped in. It's bliss. If you're wondering where the Santa Clause part comes in, you should see Luc and me at the end of our Saskatchewan visits: fat and jolly.

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