Thursday, July 2, 2009

Camping: the best part of any summer

Tomorrow we flee the city with another couple for a weekend of camping; drinking beer for breakfast, wiping my face on my shirt after eating, experimenting with torch-making, hot dogs galore, the annual self-made "sweat lodge", late night swims, flaming marshmallows...there is so much fun to be had that I think I need to take a "personal day" to get mentally prepared. However, we don't actually have that much packing to do tonight because in giddy anticipation, Luc brought out all of our camping gear from storage 2 weeks ago, and when we had company over last weekend it was a really elegant addition to our living room decor. He's also spent the past couple of weeks diligently researching different elements, metals and chemicals that will alter the colour of fire. As long as I come home with nothing more than a 2nd degree burn, my original full head of hair and no sign of singeing on my brow, I'm sure the fire/torch experiments will be great fun!

Last year it was pouring with rain the first day...all day. But we managed to mix enough Bailey's into our hot chocolate to not care, and after a couple hours to not even realize it. The second day the sun broke in the late afternoon and we scurried to the lake with a couple inflatable boats. This year we've stepped it up a notch and each of us has our own boat...this was after protesting from us girls, not wanting to share our boat with a wet, drunk, hairy man again. Luc was pretty eager to get me my own boat, which leads me to believe a wet, drunk Kristen is not a pleasant boating companion either!

The forecast says sun all weekend, so I'm going to pack my "fancy" sweatpants...they have holes for air flow. Ooh laa-laa, c'est magnifique! We try to keep it pretty low key, but I can't help it if my camping outfits are naturally fabulous. I also have a bleach stained tank top that will be coming along...the stains look like a modern twist on tye-dye. Tres chic. My girlfriend and I also prefer the "au naturel" look whilst roughing it in the woods - no time for makeup application, we're too busy catching and skinning our lunch. Her fiance lovingly refers to this look as the "naked mole rat". So tomorrow, two hairy men and two naked mole rats will pile into their respective vehicles and trek off into the woods for a weekend of wilderness...if you don't hear from me by Monday, it's because Luc accidentally set me on fire with one of his torches and I died a spectacular, rainbow-coloured death.


  1. I always thought I wanted to die in my sleep, but I have to admit, a spectacular, rainbow-colored death sounds pretty fabulous. You's be on YouTube for all eternity.

  2. PS: Thanks for adding me to your blog list. I'm so flattered!I've actually been meaning to add a you to mine, but I'm a huge slacker. Also, now that I have noticed that we are officially bloggy-blog friends, I must insist that you don't die, no matter how fabulous a death it may be. NO DYING ALLOWED!

  3. Don't worry, we all made it back alive and none of us even have burns!!

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll :)


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