Friday, July 3, 2009

Because my mom reads my blog

I know that my mom reads my blog, and I think it's cool, because she says nice things like "you've got such a flair for writing" and "you made me laugh sooo hard". I know that all moms think their kids are the best and are obligated to say such things, and even though my mom thinks I'm funnier than the cast of SNL, prettier than Angelina Jolie and smarter than Stephen Hawking, her compliments still make me feel great. The woman's delusional, but all mothers are when it comes to their children! She's one of those awesome supportive moms that makes you excited to have kids and be a mom one day. Even when my kid is sinking to the bottom of the pool at his or her first swimming lesson I'll say something like, "yes, and you sank faster than everyone in the whole class, you're SUPER!"

But I I know that my mom reads my blog, but I don't know how often or if she reads everything. But this morning I could say that I was 99.9% sure that she had read my previous post on camping, and also shown it to my dad. My first clue was when she casually mentioned in an email that "alcohol doesn't mix well with swimming, boating and fires"...little does she know that's the magic combination for the perfect camping trip. What really gave it away though was my dad's email, blunt and to the point as dads like to be.

Subject: have a great weekend but use your head...... re: drinking and swimming , fires etc.‏

Thanks mom and dad, I'll try not to set my future husband on fire! But don't worry, it's over a year until the wedding so any hair lost can be regrown. And you'll be happy to know that I've just talked Luc down to bringing 3 cans of kerosene rather than 5!


  1. Now come on...
    It's just a one gallon jug of kerosene and it is only to be used for emergencies( i.e. super-cool torches like the ones they have on Lost). How else are we gonna explore the woods at midnight, miles out of cell phone range, after drinking a dozen beer, in the middle of bear season, wearing hamburger scented cologne, while running with scissors?

  2. *chuckle* my mother very respectfully pretends not to read my blog - except when I mention I'm broke, then she'll all over it. Glad to find you!


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