Friday, July 24, 2009

#74 - Fire in the sky

74 - Watch a sunset

Each summer in Vancouver there is a string of nights where countries compete in, I guess what you would call a fireworks display contest called Celebration of Light. Each night a different country puts on a spectacular, large-scale fireworks display set to music. Everyone flocks to the beaches in the evening to stake a good blanket spot and cozy up for the show. Luc and I bolted straight to the beach from work to meet our friends for a little BBQ before the big show.

There's something incredibly relaxing about lounging on the beach in the evening - the afternoon crowds have thinned, the air feels still, the sun still gently warms your shoulders, the waves break in rhythmic swishing noises that can be heard over quiet murmurs from neighbouring blankets. After changing out of our work clothes, I took off my heels and dragged my feet slowly through the sand, swirling my toes along the surface then plunging them deeper, where the sand is still cool. There were so many perfect moments that it's better to just say it was a perfect evening all together. We inevitably took out the camera to capture the west coast beauty laid out before us, and I inevitably got carried away. It wasn't until after taking a long string of scenic pictures that I realized, "hey...the sun is setting, that's on my list of 101 things to do..."

I immediately stopped what I was doing and parked myself on a log to take in the ambiance of the setting sun. This was only after answering a flurry of questions from my friend regarding the validity of watching this sunset and being able to cross it off my list. There really weren't any specific rules or requirements, just me sitting somewhere and the sun setting in the sky. That's all! Just a peaceful few moments in appreciation of nature. Luc joined me and we both watched as the sun shone a fiery orange, slowly tumbling down behind the mountain range in the distance.

Thanks to Kate for taking this picture of us basking in the glow of the sunset ;)

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