Friday, July 17, 2009

The Bait and Switch

I've been having a great time designing stuff for our wedding - save the dates, return address stickers, seals for the envelopes, table numbers, place cards...basically anything that I can whip up in Photoshop (my other lover). I even went so far as to create a mock-up of what I want the tables at the reception to look like, from the chair sashes to the table runners, right down to the little candles. I made the mistake of showing Luc and he, understandably, laughed at me! In a loving way of course, in a, "darling, you're so delightfully weird," kind of way.

He's been great with the wedding planning - we got off to a rocky start when I was all, "WOOO! FULL SPEED AHEAD!" and he was all, "but the wedding's still soooo far awaaaaay." We're on the same page now; we even spent one night this week going over the budget, talking about the guest list, discussing the decor...and he was such a good boy that when we were done I took him to Dairy Queen for a treat! I had recently seen ads on TV for "Girl Guide Cookie Blizzards" and had been desperately craving one ever since. Desperately. We arrived only to discover that the commercial had said Girl Scout Cookie Blizzards, and that it was an American advertisement and therefore only available in the US. Why do they do this to us? Why? This isn't the first time I've been duped by American advertisements. Do you know what the Canadian Dairy Queen blizzard of the month is? NOT GIRL GUIDE COOKIES! I coped with the pain of losing something that I hadn't even had yet, and then I buried my face in a Crispy Crunch blizzard. Right away I had buyer's remorse...should have gone for the Reese Peanut Butter Cups. Why must I be so foolish?

I guess I can say it's been a good summer so far if some of my biggest problems has been stressing over blizzard flavours. We're off to Whistler this weekend to canoe, wrestle bears and drink on the patio. It's my parents' 34th wedding anniversary so we're planning a nice dinner on Saturday night...and then wrestling bears after that. I'm also excited to do some swimming in the lake. Wrestling bears can be a sweaty task. When we went camping a couple weeks ago, the lake was quite high in the mountains, and word had it that 3 weeks prior, it was still covered in ice! We let our extremities dangle in the water when we were drifting around in our boats, but we weren't so bold as to go for a full on swim. By this time tomorrow I'll be nothing but a shrivelled little prune being swept down the lake's adjoining river. Have a good weekend friends!

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