Wednesday, July 15, 2009

#18: The reason I skipped the gym tonight

18 - Buy a Macbook

I am currently writing to you from my shiny (literally) new Macbook Pro. She's a real gem...and it only took us 3 hours, one bottle of wine and a handful of curse words to figure out the wifi connection! Maybe we had the wrong password...but it's all behind us now.

This is my first mac, so the getting acquainted process is going to be sluggish. However, the way my new laptop vibrated with delight when I inserted the Photoshop setup CD makes me think that I'm not the only one excited to start drafting wedding invitations and airbrushing photos! Forget learning how to organize documents or work the iCal, let's make some pretty stationery!

Buying the laptop today was a funny experience - it was one of those completely ironic moments. Usually when I walk into the Apple store, at least three guys in turquoise shirts flash their adorable geek smiles and quickly shuffle over to my rescue only to discover that I'm "just browsing"...this time, the one time I came equipped with just my wallet and a hankering for some spending action, every mac dork genius was occupied. I put on my best "I want to buy a laptop NOW" face and tried my hardest to make eye contact. No dice. I was a sitting duck, just waiting to be plucked from the pond and have my pockets emptied (you know...if ducks wore pants with pockets).

Eventually I was taken care of - and I dodged all those add-ons and million year warranties like a pro. Nothing bad will ever go wrong with my new laptop - don't call me naive, I'm just optimistic!


  1. I hope your stationEry will be very pretty.

  2. this is exactly what happened to me at the Mac store, it took forever to find anyone to help when i ACTUALLY wanted a macbook. *chuckle* Maybe it's policy.. xo


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