Monday, July 20, 2009

Coming to terms with a hard fact

I need to get my engagement ring resized - she's just a pinch too big and I'm worried that one of these days, she'll slide right off my finger and venture down the drain for a new life. She'll meet those sewer rats that build houses out of old toothbrushes and boats out of Chinese take-out cartons. She'll want to find her way back home but she'll fall in love with a young mouse who also lost his way. They'll fight the adversity of a rodent and an inanimate object being in a romantic relationship and live a beautiful life together. Ohhh the drama of it all!

So although I recognize the inherent danger of wearing ill-fitting jewelry, I really don't want to part with my ring! I know it will only be for a couple weeks, but I don't even like to take my ring off to go to the gym (and I don't!) I love the feeling I get when I'm sitting at work, typing away, then I pause to think about how much I hate my job and I look down and see that sparkly diamond, and I'm reminded of better times (I know, this is getting so cheesy....grab your barf bags now because it's only going to get worse). Every time I catch a glimpse of my ring I think about Luc and our upcoming wedding, and the day he got down on one knee and asked if I would spend the rest of my life with him. It's comforting and exciting and it makes me feel so lucky to have found the greatest love of my life and my best friend wrapped into one sexy man! And sometimes I look at my ring and I just think to myself, "holy shit can that thing ever sparkle!" 

However, now that I'm reconciled to my ringless weeks, all I need to do is get out the calendar and figure out an appropriate stretch of time to send it off. We've got holidays in Saskatchewan and a couple weddings to go to...and everything is perfectly spaced out so that if it took longer than 2-3 weeks for the resizing, I would be ringless for one of these events and the people girls and women who haven't seen us yet would surely be disappointed at the ring's absence. I know that some of you right now are reading this and rolling your eyes, shaking your's just a ring....yes, I know, but it's the ring that Luc saved up his hard-earned money for, researched and designed the setting for, hid for 5 whole months waiting for the perfect time to bring it out, the ring that I'm going to wear on my wedding day as a symbol of my lasting commitment. Surprise, this cynical, sarcastic little lady is incredibly sappy and emotional! Oh, and actually not so little, I guess. (Fun fact: I'm 5'11"). Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is, when I went swimming in the lake this weekend I realized that treading water with one hand in a tight little fist isn't effective. No more living in fear! I'm getting my ring resized!!!


  1. Now I just need to focus on not losing it before I get it resized!!


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