Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Musical Dilemma

When I bought my laptop last week, it came with a free ipod touch. Yes, the perks of being a student again are starting to show up all over the place. I'm also happy to announce that when I see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince tonight, I will be buying my ticket at the student discount price. Mucho savings. Mucho.

Anyhow, although I've had fun messing around with all the functions on the ipod touch, yesterday I realized that not everything is rainbows and smiley faces when you upgrade equipment. Luc loaded all of my music from the itunes on our PC onto my laptop so that I could start listening to music on my itouch and not just looking at photos upright, then flipped to the side....then upright, then flipped to the side...and so forth. Here's where I hit a snag; I have 14GB of music in my itunes and 8GB of space on my itouch. Meaning...I have to eliminate nearly half of my music just to fit it all on there! This would undoubtedly be a great opportunity to sift through my musical library and delete the 7 different versions of "Have yourself a merry little Christmas", and I guess I don't really listen to Ace of Base anymore....well, maybe I'll keep those ones. I'm torn though, I don't know whether to embark on the task of going through all 14GB of music or to sell my itouch and keep my current ipod and hefty song load.

Advice? Should I pare down my itunes library and keep the itouch?


  1. Do you have to pare down your music collection? I think iTunes lets you deselect the check boxes next to songs so that the deselected songs don't get synched to your player but remain in your library.

  2. I have everything loaded on my old ipod for roadtrips etc, then for everyday listening I fill up the 8gb. Lets face it, we're not going to listen to ABBA AND the Zanadu soundtrack on the same day. ;-)
    (Jared had it bad too - he has 647 days of music on the itunes PC. We're currently looking into storage options. Fort Knox? *sigh* Musicians.)

  3. Luc suggested filtering through all my songs and deleting what I defintely don't need (he's right, a good clean up is in order) and then loading 8GB of my top-rated songs onto the itouch. You guys are right though, I don't have to wipe half my songs out.


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