Friday, July 31, 2009

Baby Fever?

Even though Luc and I know we're not ready to have kids just yet, it's really easy to fall in love with the idea of having our own son or daughter when we're hanging around with our adorable nieces every day. They constantly surprise us with how mature they've become; they're only 3 years old, and when we arrived at their house a few days ago, one of them sat down next to me, rested her little hand on my thigh and said, "so...when are you guys getting married?" They're so crafty and precocious...just now while putting them to bed, one of them said, "you know Auntie Kristen, I really think you should sleep with us tonight.."....anything to delay bedtime! 

I'm slowly realizing why there are so many prolific mommy bloggers around these days. If I had a kid right now, I think my blog would inevitably be dominated by their hilarious comments. Kids seriously do say the darnest things. EVERY DAY! SEVERAL TIMES A DAY! 

Despite all of the note-worthy scenes unfolding in front of me, I feel like I've switched off my "blog-brain" this past week. Typically, with everything that happens in my life there is a parallel commentary running in my head, writing something that I can use in my blog. Any fellow blogger will most likely relate to this - it's hard to turn off the writer up there. I don't know if I gave this writer in my head the week off or if, subconsciously, I know that this is one of the few weeks I have off each year and that I should cherish it by relaxing and using as minimal brain power as possible. Whatever it is, I'm feeling kind of flat, but in a good, mellow, "I don't have to think about doing the laundry or waking up for work", kind of way. 


  1. I've been having the exact same feeling this week - perhaps its a blogger virus. ;-) xo

  2. Watch out for that baby's going around. :)


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